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Stanford Parents' Club History

Once Upon a Time...

The Chrysanthemum Tea

was THE Social Event of the Season

Handwritten invitations were sent around the world. Over 30 local newspapers covered the event.

San Francisco Chronicle photo of the Chrysanthemum Tea at the home of President Herbert Hoover

First held in 1924, the fall Chrysanthemum Tea took many forms. Several were held at the home of President Herbert Hoover. In 1937 it included two short plays by students held in what was referred to as the “New Memorial Hall Auditorium.” In 1959 it was held at the Medical School and included a tour of the new facilities.

"Tea a succes, despite rain" newspaper article

The following year (1960) it was held at the home of President and Mrs. Wallace Sterling. Guests had to race for cover inside when rain began to pour, ruining the festive flower displays outside, which included red and white chrysanthemums arranged in the shape of an S floating in the swimming pool

San Francisco Chronicle article of the Chrysanthemum Tea at the home of President Herbert Hoover

Throughout the 60’s the Chrysanthemum event was held at various places on campus with a tour of the facility, a fashion show or entertainment by students with chrysanthemums available for purchase as corsages or table arrangements.

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