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Bakery Recommendations


If you would like to send a special treat to your student, here is a list of parent suggested companies that deliver cakes, cookies, and other bakery treats, as well as healthy snacks and gifts. Some can deliver within 24 hours of ordering.

Many options for cakes and treats (including the Whole Foods Store Bakery in Palo Alto)

Delivers cakes and other desserts (via Instacart)

Delivers cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies

Delivers from local bakeries, restaurants, and specialty treat stores

Cakes, donuts, and cookies

Variety of  gift baskets

Delivers a large selection of fresh cakes, healthy snacks, and much more, within hours (via Amazon)

Delivers from a variety of local grocery stores/bakeries near Stanford (such as Safeway and Draegers)

From Safeway's Bakery

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