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Please give generously to support Club Operations & Programs


Stanford Parents' Club

Centennial Campaign for Student Scholarships

How your donations are used:

Stanford Parents’ Club Operations & Programs:
We rely on parent donations to fund current year club operations and programs, because we receive no funding from Stanford University, and we do not charge a membership fee. Our operating budget is $20-25K per year and covers expenses like: technology, insurance, and program supplies. We have no payroll expenses. We are all volunteers.

Stanford Parents’ Club Scholarship Fund

During this centennial year, let's join together as one and raise $100,000 to support Stanford student scholarships. This is a great goal for our 100th birthday and continues our 100-year club tradition of funding scholarships. Since our founding in 1924, we have provided 281 Stanford student scholarships.

Learn about Donor Recognition and how to receive Stanford University giving credit for your gift to Stanford Parents’ Club Scholarship Fund. > Click here

Non-profit Status

Stanford Parents' Club is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, separate from Stanford University. Please be sure you don’t confuse us with the "Stanford Fund,” managed by the University which raises money to be used where best needed for undergraduate education, and the University’s “Annual Fund” for parents.

​Donations of any size are appreciated. Thank you.

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