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Key Stanford Resources


Mental Health &

Well-Being Resources

Stanford Career Education

Stanford Career Education (SCE) welcomes all Stanford students to use their resources to explore careers, find internships, gain jobs and more. They also now support recent alumni for five years after they graduate.

Here is helpful information provided by SCE:

Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM)

Stanford Career Education invites the Stanford Parents’ Club to join their on-line recruitment and mentorship platform SAM. This platform allows alumni, and now parents, to share projects, internships and job opportunities with 13,000 Stanford students and alums. The platform allows you to post a specific job opportunity that you are responsible for or to refer an opportunity that you are aware of.

We especially need internship and job postings for FROSH and HUMANITIES majors, all four years. Paid jobs preferred please. If you have an amazing unpaid opportunity that will open a lot of doors for the student (and you will help them out), post it.

SAM Resources:

Bike & Personal Safety

Key learnings from the Bike & Personal Safety Coffee Chat:

  • Don’t buy an expensive bike.

  • U-locks work best.

  • 70% of undergrads don’t wear bike helmets (messes up hair, not cool), whereas 70% of graduate students do wear helmets.

  • Helmets locked to bikes rarely get stolen.

Helpful links:

Stanford Alumni Association 

Want to connect in person where you live? The Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) welcomes ALL Stanford parents. You don't have to be a Stanford alum to participate.

  1. Sign-up for Stanford Pass. For non-alums, select "affiliate."

  2. Join the SAA Community in your area.

  3. Watch for communications from SAA.

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