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Stanford Parents' Club History

Stanford Mothers Operated Student Rest Homes for over 30 year starting in the 1920's

Welfare of Students

Stanford Mothers operated Student Rest Homes for over 30 years starting in the 1920's.

Women's Rest Home

From 1928 - 1962, the Mothers' Club operated two rest homes where male and female students could receive care when overly tired or convalescing from an illness or injury.

Widows of faculty members took care of 3 -10 students at a time in their homes, providing nourishing meals, TLC and a quiet place to sleep.

Men's Rest Home

The Mothers' Club raised up to $5000 per year during the 50's to keep the Rest Homes running.

In 1962, the University opened Alpine House as an infirmary for men and women. The Mothers' Club closed their Rest Homes and helped to furnish the rooms with radios, "hairdryers for the ladies" and a TV set for the lounge.

"Colds To Be Combated In Rest Home for Men" Article

The food and comforts were so good, students wanted to stay as long as possible before returning back to their dorms.

Photos from the Stanford Daily

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