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Donor Recognition

Invitation to exclusive party: Major donors (and major volunteers) will be invited to a Centennial Celebration and Appreciation Party in April, 2024.   

Listing of names: Newsletter and Website Listing: All donors of any size will be recognized in our December, January, May and June newsletters, sent to over 9,100 Parents’ Club members worldwide. We also post our donors on our website at (If donors prefer to remain anonymous, please email Stanford Parents’ Club President, Susan MacKay, at


Thank you letter and tax receipt: Stanford Parents’ Club will recognize donations with a thank you letter and tax receipt sent to the donor. If the donation is given in such a way as to receive Stanford Giving Credit, then Stanford University will issue the tax receipt and both Stanford Parents’ Club and Stanford University will send a thank you letter to the donor.


Stanford Giving Credit: Stanford University will provide “Giving Credit” for donations made to support the Stanford Parents’ Club Scholarship Fund. Giving Code: KAUGD. This means the donation will be entered into the Stanford University donor database and the donation will be acknowledged by Stanford University with a thank you letter and tax receipt sent to the donor. Stanford Parents’ Club will also send a thank you letter if the donation has been tracked by us.

To receive Stanford giving credit please donate by check, wire transfer or stock transfer.

To donate by check and receive Stanford giving credit:
Make check payable to Stanford University.
In the memo, write Giving Code: KAUGD


Mail check to:
Stanford Parents’ Club
380 Hamilton Ave 
P.O. Box 1054
Palo Alto 94301 


To donate by wire transfer or stock transfer: 
Ensure your documents reference Giving Code: KAUGD.  
Receive forms and instructions by contacting: 


Karen Dunn, Treasurer, Stanford Parents’ Club

Stanford University Alumni Reunion Giving Credit: For those Stanford Alumni having reunions in 2023 or 2024, a donation to the Stanford Parents’ Club Scholarship Fund DOES count towards their total alumni giving level, provided it is postmarked before December 15, in the year of their reunion.


Donations made to support the Stanford Parents’ Club Scholarship Fund do not count towards giving to the “Stanford Fund” or the “Parent’s Fund” at Stanford University.  Nor do they help qualify families of undergrads for the Parent and Family Partners Leadership Circle.

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